B e  t h e  G o l d e n  R u l e !

"Treat others the way you want to be Treated."

The "Art of Non-Resistance" begins with the daily practice of non-resistance. Focus on what you want; let everything else slide right by you and you will surely find want you are here for.

DON'T: Be rude or use offensive or sexual language.
DON'T: Post sexually explicit photos or webcams.
DON'T: Take up the entire chat window with huge fonts! Use fonts 14 or smaller.
DON'T: Post Email address, Phone Numbers, Other web sites or Promote any services. In Chat room.
DON'T: Ask for money or Gifts anywhere on Cherry Blossoms.
DON'T: Flood the room with Smiles, Emotions, and Sounds Be courteous to other chatters, who wish to text.
DON'T: Use all capitals in room text, is considered shouting and rude.

DO: Be Courteous and Speak ONLY English in main chat room.
DO: Be safe when chatting! Wait until you get to know someone before giving out personal information.
DO: Report any violations to the attention of your room Guides. They are there to help, keep the room clean, and running smooth to make chatting here a nice Experience.

REMEMBER: Promotion of other websites, services or anyone asking for money are grounds for PERMANENT DEACTIVATION & REMOVAL from www.blossoms.com.