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US Fiancée Visa approval times can vary greatly. This table will provide you a general idea of the fiancée visa process and how long the fiancée visa petition can take.

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Fiancée(e) Visa Wait Times - Overview Duration
Gather the Supporting Documents Varies 3-30+ Days
Prepare The K-1 Petition 5+ Days
USCIS Acknowledges Receipt of Paperwork by sending you (NOA1) 3 - 10 Days Send check with petition for $340.00
USCIS Fiancée Visa Wait Time You receive (NOA2) either approving, denying or requesting more information 40-160 Days
Petition Sent to National Visa Center 2 - 20 Days
Approval by NVC - Paperwork to Embassy 2 - 15 Days
Embassy Receives Paperwork 3 - 20 Days
Medical Exam 2+ Days $50 $350
Embassy Wait Time for Interview 1 - 120+ Days $265 Interview fee
Visa Approved and Fiancée Can Leave 1 - 7 Days
Average Fiancée Visa Wait Time 4-9 Months

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The following are the process steps in order and a rough time estimate for each step. The most important step with starting your Fiancée Visa petition will be to get your forms filled out correctly at the beginning. Be sure there are no mistakes; mistakes can add months to the process or could even result in your fiancée visa petition being denied.

*3-30+ days Start by gathering the necessary paperwork. This may take longer than expected, especially if you must request documents, like divorce decrees or birth certificates, from government agencies.

*5+ days The Cherry Blossoms Visa Department reviews your questionnaires and prepares your paperwork. We work with you, the sponsor, and your fiancé to ensure your paperwork is accurate and correct. We take extra precautions at this phase because even a simple mistake can cost a lot of time, we double check and triple check your Fiancee visa form and documentation packet to eliminate long delays.

3-10 days When your package is ready to file, Cherry Blossoms sends your completed package to you, the US Citizen (petitioner), to review the completed K-1 Visa petition and sign documents. You will send the completed I-129F petition with a check for $340.00 to the USCIS.

10-30 days after mailing your petition you will receive a Notice of Action (NOA1) in the mail saying the USCIS has received your petition. No action is required on your part at this stage.

Between 90-180 days after mailing your petition you will receive Notice of Action 2 (NOA2) in the mail. This will indicate whether your petition has been approved, denied or they are requesting additional evidence.

If your petition is approved, there is no action required on your part.
If your petition is denied, there are some options available to you. Contact us immediately
If you receive a RFE (Request for Evidence), you will need to send in the requested evidence as quickly as possible. Contact us immediately.

About 7-14 days after your petition is approved by the USCIS, your petition will be forwarded to the NVC (National Visa Center). The NVC runs a security check on your Fiancée. No action is required on your part at this stage.

Within 28+ days after your fiancée’s security check comes back, your petition is sent to the Bureau of Consular Affairs. The Bureau of Consular Affairs then sends your file to the US embassy in your fiancée’s country. No action is required on your part at this stage.

7-14 days after the embassy receives your visa petition, they will send your fiancée a letter with instructions for scheduling a medical exam and embassy interview. There will also be instructions on documents to be gathered and returned immediately and some to be kept till the fiancee embassy interview. You, the US citizen petitioner, do not have to attend interview.

Time varies: Schedule immediately so there are no delays. Your fiancée must have a medical exam before their embassy interview. The electronic package sent to your fiancée by the U.S. Embassy will explain how to schedule the medical exam. There is a fee required for the medical exam that must be paid by your fiancée at the time of the exam. This fee is usually paid in the local currency and varies depending on the location.

Time varies: Schedule as soon as possible to prevent delays. The embassy letter sent by the US Embassy to your fiancée will explain how to schedule the interview.

Your fiancée must attend an interview at the US Embassy. She must bring her passport and If children are traveling on the K-2 (visa for fiancée’s children), they must also attend the interview and have their passports and required documentation.

If you, the US Citizen petitioner and sponsor, want to attend your fiancée’s interview, it's best to check with the specific embassy to make sure it's ok for you to be there.

The $265 embassy fee is paid online or directly to the embassy before the interview. During the interview your fiancée will be asked a series of questions to determine if the relationship is genuine.

0 to 10 days after the embassy interview:
When approved, your fiancée may be able to pick up the K-1 fiancée visa immediately but there will usually be a wait of up to 10 days. The visa will be delivered to your fiancée via courier. The actual K-1 fiancée visa is a self-adhesive decal that is placed in your foreign fiancée’s passport.
Your foreign fiancée can now purchase tickets for travel to the United States. Please note the Philippines require attendance to the CFO Guidance Counseling Certificate and the Passport Emigrant Sticker before departing to the USA.

Your Fiancee has up to 6 months to use the K-1 fiancee visa:
Your fiancée has up to 6 months to enter the United States after receiving the fiancée visa . Your fiancee will be given a package of documents by the US Embassy containing medical records which she will surrender when entering the United States.

Up to 90 days to get married after your fiancée enters the US: You, the US Citizen petitioner/sponsor, must marry your foreign fiancée within 90 days of her entry into the United States. If a wedding doesn’t take place within this time, your fiancée must leave the United States and return to her home country. The 90-day timeframe starts on the date the fiancée enters the United States, which is normally stamped in their passport. The K1 visa fiancée can only marry the person who sponsored their petition.

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