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Experience is one of the building blocks toward what we want in our lives, like finding true love. If we can embrace everything that happens and understand how simple the process of true love is, we can then begin to relax more and more and follow our natural path back to love. 

Have you seen a child playing with blocks? They are mesmerized by all the different shapes and colors, and sizes of each block.

They take each block in their hand, looking at it closely with wonder. Some blocks will be their favorites, but if even a favorite one rolls away, they will soon let it go and continue playing with the others.

Top View of Children Playing with Blocks - Building Blocks to True Love - Blossoms Dating Blog

They start experimenting with the blocks, piling block upon block to make different pieces. If one block doesn’t fit, they just each for another.

When their creations fall, they might show a momentary sadness, but then they realize it just means they can build a bigger one. Once they see that all towers eventually fall over, they will knock over their creations themselves to create new ones.

Finally, when it is nap time, they will take one last contented look at all they have done and nod off to dream.

Like children, let’s play with all our blocks, experimenting with even the ones that don’t seem to be the ‘best.’

If we focus only on a few blocks and not try out all of them, we limit the ‘towers’ height and breadth.

Be a wide-eyed child again! Be free! Be joyful! Enjoy playing with all your blocks to build some incredible towers, and find your natural path to what you want and be content.

Different Colored Blocks Forming the Word Love - Building Blocks to True Love - Blossoms Dating Blog

Let’s approach life with the curiosity and fearlessness of a child at play. Let’s not limit ourselves by focusing only on a few blocks, but instead, let’s try out all the possibilities available to us. Let’s be free, joyful, and wide-eyed like a child, enjoying the process of building incredible towers with all our blocks. In doing so, we will discover our natural path towards what we truly want in life and find contentment along the way.

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